Introducing the Origin Slimline Window (OW-70)

Stylish, durable and ultra-secure, the flexibility
and slim sightlines of the Origin OW-70 Windows let more light into your home.

The Origin Slimline Window

This is our slimmest window yet. It combines strength with sleek design to provide the finest aluminium window on the market today.

Available as either a fixed window or a casement configuration the OW-70 is ideal for spaces where it is essential to maximise the size of the glass and the expanse of light it allows in.

Why choose the Origin Slimline Door?


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade



150 RAL



What’s your type?

In contrast to the OW-80 the OW-70 window offers our slimmest sightlines at just 65mm wide, making it perfect if you are looking to make the most of natural light.

The windows are durable yet low maintenance, and come with an industry-leading guarantee of up to 20 years.




Benefits of slim sightlines

The ultra-slim sightlines mean there is less frame providing more natural light, allowing you to enjoy the view from your home while enjoying a truly contemporary appearance.

Despite the slimness of its sightlines, the OW-70 is available in impressive sizes up to 4.8 square metres as either a casement or fixed window.

Sleek, flush external finish

Whatever the style or age of your home, the OW-70 adds an elegant touch to your property, it’s a joy to look at as well as to use.

An OW-70 form Lincolnshire Bi-folding Doors is expertly designed to feature no overlapping external frames. The Slimline Window will add a slim and sophisticated appearance to your home.




Handle choice

All of our orders are fully bespoke, ensuring you take delivery of a window that is tailor-made for your home – that even includes the handles.

The OW-70 comes with either an inline or crank handle. Both will deliver a finish that fuses elegance and efficiency so the choice is yours.

Your colour

Origin windows can be manufactured in more than 150 RAL colours, so you can choose a style that is right for you. If you choose from one of our 11 most popular colours, Lincolnshire Bi-folding Doors will be able to deliver them more quickly.

Should you prefer a traditional wood effect, our woodgrain options offer a beautifully authentic finish.




Configured your way

When you invest in an Origin window, you can rest assured you will receive a creation that is expertly engineered to your exact specifications.

The OW-70, available as a casement or fixed frame window, can be made in most sizes – and it comes with our industry-leading guarantee of up to 20 years.

Safe & Secure

All Origin products from Lincolnshire Bi-folding Doors use premium grade aluminium to deliver strength, durability and quality – the OW-70 is no exception.

This window might be slim, but it is also extremely strong. It has been tested to the highest standards and also showcases a stainless steel multi-point lock for extra security.




Thermal Efficiency

Combined with a polyamide thermal break within the aluminium profile, our windows not only meet thermal efficiency building regulations – they exceed them.

Your property will be cool in summer and warm in winter, and as a bonus you’ll be able to enjoy reduced energy bills.

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