Introducing The Origin Front Door

Welcome your visitors with an Origin Front Door. Create real kerb appeal with our extensive range of styles.

The Origin Front Door

The Origin front door range offers a wide range of styles and finishes, that will create an impressive entrance to your property. Our Kensington and Sandringham range are made from premium aluminium and are available in a wide range of colours, that can be finished with door pulls, spy holes and letterboxes, making them totally unique to you.

Why choose the Front Door?

Made In

Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade


Range Of Panel


150 RAL



Seamless Access

Your home’s character

Your front door can say a lot about you. With the expertly crafted front door from Origin, you really can set the tone for your property. Totally bespoke and manufactured in the UK using premium aluminium they can be totally tailored to your taste with the huge range of colours and panel styles available.




Front door types

The Origin front door is very flexible, it sits perfectly next to a fixed window, and can even be produced as a french door, giving you the option to have double doors at your entrance. Make an entrance you are proud of.

Garage Doors

The Origin residential door can also be adapted as a garage door. You may want to install a door that matches or compliments the front door of your home.

Lincolnshire Bi-folding Doors can work with you to get the kerb appeal you’re after.




Personalise your door

The beauty of the Origin residential door is its’ ability to be personalised. There are plenty of options for handles, door pulls, knockers, spy holes and letterboxes. Make your door unique to you, and your property.

Panel options

At Lincolnshire Bi-folding Doors, we know you will find the ideal panel to complement your property type. All Origin Residential Doors come with a Therminax Core in addition to an aluminium layer. These doors keep the cold out, and the warmth in.




Set your tone

With over 150 RAL colours to choose from, you can be sure to find a colour that will work in total harmony with your property. Black and white, primary colours, and even pastels, are options, as well as the ever popular anthracite and grey. There is even a dual colour option, meaning you can have a different colour on the inside to the outside.

Unsurpassed security

Security focussed, the Origin front door comes with an ultra-safe locking mechanism and different barrel choices to put off any potential intruders. There is an option for an eight-point locking system and specially designed hinges, that have been made to resist any potential intruders.




Get a handle on it

Add that chic finishing touch on your bespoke Origin front door with a selection from our vast array of handles, door pulls and letterbox choices. Designed and manufactured to not only look elegant but to deliver on durability. Our handles are tested for robustness and will look great for many years to come.

Seamless threshold access

The transition from inside to outside your property can now be easier than ever. With a weathered threshold your house stays completely water tight and keeps the elements at bay. Non weathered seals are an alternative and are particularly popular for wheel chair users.




Strength of aluminium

At a third of the weight of steel, aluminium is extremely strong and durable. Totally resistant to the elements aluminium is a great choice over wooden and uPVC alternatives. All our frames are powder coated and only require a wipe with soapy water to keep them looking great.

Thermal efficency

Any front door from Lincolnshire Bi-folding Doors, boasts an advanced polyamide break, which helps to restrict heat transfer from the inside to outside of your home. So you will be lovely and warm in the winter, and nice and cool in the summer months. 


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