Introducing the Origin Premium Window (OW-80)

The OW-80 Window is with stylish and strong. It requires only minimum maintenance and will add that modern look to any property.

Premium Aluminium OW-80 Window

 The Origin OW-80 window is completely bespoke and  tailor-made to your property requirements. It can be manufactured in any size up to a maximum of 7.0 square metres. It can be used for bays, gables and French windows and is a remarkably low maintenance and energy efficient option for your home.

Why choose the Origin Premium Window?


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade

Tight Seals

Internal And External
Flush Casement


150 RAL




Premium OW-80 Window

The OW-80 window is perfect option if you want to allow more natural light into your home.

The OW-80 is very light weight and weighs about one-third of a steel equivalent. It means our windows are tough, durable and flexibility. Whatever your requirements, Lincolnshire Bi-folding Doors are here to help.




Why choose aluminium?

Made from premium grade aluminium the Origin OW-80 is very durable. It won’t flex, twist or warp over time unlike some timber and uPVC windows.

It is robust and environmentally friendly, aluminium windows could even add to the value of your property.

Flush casement windows

The OW-80 flush casement window is an industry leader and comes with an external and internal flush casement. It sits perfectly within the frame to offer a seamless finish. Expertly designed and manufactured in the UK this is truly a desirable product.




Configured to your needs

The OW-80 is totally bespoke and it manufactured just for your property. Lincolnshire Bi-folding Doors, will survey your property and ensure that the installation fits perfectly.

There are a number of popular configurations for the OW-80 including: top hung, left hung, right hung, and french windows.

High quality locking system

Security is an integral part of the Origin OW-80 Window. Using only first class materials, handles, locking systems and stainless steel hinges, the OW-80 gives you and your family complete reassurance. There are even hinge guards and anti-slip technology as standard and all the window hardware supplied by Lincolnshire Bi-folding Doors is covered by Origin’s industry leading product guarantees.




Your Colour

All the Origin window range are custom manufactured in over 150 RAL colours, so you will be able to choose a style that is perfect for you and your property. Should you select one of our popular colours, black, white or anthracite grey you will be able to get them to you even quicker. Whatever your taste, you can create something unique.

Your finish

If you have a more traditional property you may be looking for something more suitable like a wood grain finish. There are a number of wood grain finishes available, from oak to mahogany. The final result can look just like wood, but with all the benefits of being made from aluminium.




Wide range of handles

Rest assured that the handles of the OW-80 window have been given the same degree of engineering and manufacturing detail as Origin frames. There is a wide range of stylish designs that can be colour co-ordinated with your window, as well as chrome and stainless steel options.

Lower energy bills

A Polyamide thermal break makes the OW-80 very thermally efficient, in fact it exceeds current building regulations, you will be lovely and warm in winter and nice and cool in the summer. With the added bonus of lower energy bills, the OW-80 is a very popular option.




A++ with Aerogel

Aerogel has been used by NASA to insulate space suits since the 1970’s. The OW-80 is the only window on the market that utilises this technology to give an astonishing A++ energy rating. It can actually increase the insulation of the window by a staggering 67%.

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