Introducing The Origin Gable Window

 The Origin Gable Window can help create a stunning accent to your property, flooding it with natural light.

Introducing Origin Gable Window

Adding a gable window to your property can really be a game changer. It will help to flood your house with natural light, in addition to creating better views of your outside space. The Origin gable window is manufactured to exacting standards from aluminium in the UK. Available in a range of colours you can match existing windows and doors and create a real statement piece.

Why choose the Origin Gable Window?


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

Ultra Slim
Aluminium Frames

Durable Powder

150 RAL


Making a statement

Looking to add more light and a feeling of space to your home? The Origin gable window is a stunning solution that will really enhance the look of your property. It will help create an illusion of space and help bring in more of the outside world. Why not create a real statement, with the help of Lincolnshire Bifold Doors?




Maximise your light

The Lincolnshire Bi-folding Doors, team will visit your home for a detailed survey to ensure your gable window fits perfectly. With a range of colours available we will be sure to match any existing window or doors you already have. Let us help you create that feeling of light and space.

Your colour

There are over 150RAL colour available, so you can easily match existing windows or doors. If you choose one of our popular colours, black, white, or anthracite grey, we can manufacture your gable window even quicker. Should you want a wood effect, this can also be achieved from one of the wood grain finishes available. Get the look of real wood without the maintenance!




Thermal Efficiency

Our gable windows exceeds current building regulations for energy efficiency. A polyamide break within the aluminium will help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Being very energy efficient, you will also benefit from lower energy bills.

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